Monday, December 27, 2010

Saudi Video

An Egyptian friend Mona let me know this. It's one episode of Saudi Arabian TV program series describing Japanese society by comparing it to Arabian society like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This is very interesting because it makes me realize that there still remain some good points in Japanese society from a foreign people's viewpoint that Japanese people should pay more attention to.

It looks like there are many more episodes from the same program. I am trying to watch them though I understand only basic Arabic greetings...

Thanks, Mona!

(Translation by Mona)

the episode's title : Construction with  respect

respecting the human value when does it appear?
it appears when dealing with Employment ( workers )

watch how workers are treated and you will know if this Community respect the human value or not

we went to a place where they build a building in tokyo
and we saw some issues describes their strong attention with safety things and cleanliness and give the worker his value ..

at the scene place :

i think if we asked them what do you call the constructor ...they will say mud Engineer ( he is kidding because even if it's a simple tokyo they give you a decent job's name however your job is )

they asked all of us to wear a helmet to go to the working site ...workers safety and also anyone who across the building site's safety ! (he is surprised ) they consider it ...their responsibility
even if he came to shoot a programe...they consider it their responsibility

this one will hold the camera later ( one with glasses )

this banner i didn't know what it meant ..i thought it was a ( gateway )  or something like that ...
they wrote..from here you can take off your helmet ...and then from here you have to wear your helmet

so they made a line on ground...before wearing helmet and after ( la elaha ela allah means...there is no god but allah ) Significance on how great this thing is

he says...bring me some more and laughs on their helmet ...everyone's name is written ...ofcourse it's a respect to him ...because he's not just a worker !! he is a Human being with name ...secondly their blood type ...he says : nice...keep on

on the studio again :

and then we went to a different planet ...and to a building in a other planet ...and we saw also the living creatures they are treating them ( he says it with sarcasm)

on the working scene :

they are building a construction ...
no one wears a helmet !! the helmet young fellow ! where is it ...ha?
the worker says: they don't give us such things

in japan planet :

now they will start Morning exercise

they will massage each others also !! laughing =D's a good thing to start a working day like this ...Excellent

on the left japan planet...on the right ( another planet )

he asks u make morning exercise?

he said : no exercising is just in our Residence ...not in work ...

he ask him again: you all don't do exercises together..? !

in japan planet :

he is checking the Attendance ..

he says : sob7an allah ,,,it's glorification the god 
this is a new worker ...he joined them today
so they called his name and the team is greeting the new ones

he saw the worker's shoes...these are special shoes ?

he asks is it steal? she said yes

a shoe Padded with steal for his safety ...because he has a value to them

japan planet...and other planet

in the other planet he goes to them and tell them...i want to hit with Crutch here also ( he is joking ) =D

he tells someone: i was in japan...the other man: japan again? laughs
and someone gave me a Crutch and told me hit hard ...and shouts ...

isn't there a shoe? only this?

he goes to someone else...when can i hit with this?

he looks at men standing above the building and said :
for god's sake is he wearing shoes or is he Barefoot ...he is barefoot...

the end =)

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