Sunday, January 2, 2011

Smart Phone

I bought an Android smart phone IS03 just recently. This is very good and getting more popular than iPhone in Japan. I already downloaded more than 30 applications (apps). Most of them were converted from iPhone apps and are free. The beauty of IS03 is you can use cell phone function such as infrared communication, call blocking and One Seg TV without any additional apps or equipments and it's still cheaper than iPhone. In addition,  as it uses a removable SD card, you can easily enhance its memory when needed. iPhone has only an embedded fixed memory, so when it's full, you have to buy a new one. I really like this and am using Skype for free (except a fixed packet transmission fee) whenever talking. If only this had a workable phone recording app...



  1. I have a windows phone and I would really like to get my hands on this (it looks awesome). Hmm.. it'll take a while for this to get to my country though. However, there's too much going on in that phone and I fear I don't really have use for them all. I'd like to test it, is all. Let's skype call next time with our phones (i'm kidding- call quality is not good). Might I suggest you add pics or even reviews? You can gain more audience by posting in youtube as well. XD

  2. Thanks for the great advice. As a starter, I attached a pic to the original. I agree with you on the point: "there's too much going on in that phone and I fear I don't really have use for them all." It took 3 days to get familiarized with this gadget. I almost used up New Year holidays doing this...