Friday, January 7, 2011

Green Tea

I usually drink coffee or black tea after lunch at a coffee shop (in Tokyo, Tully's, Dotour and Renoir are popular chains except Starbucks.) However, as most of the food you can eat in central Tokyo is fatty and greasy, I sometimes miss green tea to cleanse my palate. Strong green tea is an acquired taste that I love the most. Yet as opposed to your expectation, there is practically nowhere you can drink proper green tea. You can buy proper green tea at any supermarkets or green tea shops all right. You are still even served proper green tea at your client's office with considerable probability (although you don't normally drink it at your own desk for some unknown reason!) Therefore, for the most part, I have to wait until I'm back at home whenever I want to drink green tea. I really wish someone would make proper green tea for me while I'm working...


  1. After reading this and remembering other articles speaking about the benefits of drinking green tea, I'm fairly sure I envy you (as well as 99.9% of the population in Japan) just by the fact it's part of your culture. I'm still in the process of making tea as part of my daily diet (coffee, please stay away from me!). I have to say though, I still make a face after every sip.

  2. Did you know that green tea, black tea and oolong tea are only different in the extent that they are oxidized? They make green tea without oxidizing it, black tea by 100% oxidizing it and oolong tea by 50% oxidizing it. Green tea contains antioxidant called catechin, which becomes tannin when it is oxidized. So black tea contains tannin instead of catechin. Catechin is said to suppress cancer cells' development. An old Japanese saying: "you shouldn't drink green tea long after it was made."