Monday, December 20, 2010

Entertaining Clients

Working in the real estate industry in Tokyo, I occasionally have to entertain clients at night. We "wine and dine" them sometimes to get information or a deal, and sometimes just to build a friendly relationship for future deals. Entertaining clients is, by nature, broadly embedded in this industry probably because information is unevenly distributed among limited privileged people who love to entertain and to be entertained. Information here is extremely important like in the intelligence world.

Recently, Tokyo's real estate market has been gradually picking up. As always in every real estate market, the first movers are lenders thinking about selling off their bad loans collateralized by real estate. Actual real estate disposition follows it.

I have friends in the banking industry as I used to work for a bank (long time ago, though). They sounds like they might partially start selling their loans soon. I need to introduce one of them to a client interested in buying bad loans tonight over drinks. I am hoping to not drink too much according to the industry standard...

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