Thursday, December 23, 2010

Telephone Interview

As I wrote previously, I have to have a telephone interview to an EMBA program next Monday. I am now preparing myself for it. A former colleague gave me some tips below. He has already gotten his MBA diploma from INSEAD, France,  conducts interviews himself on behalf of the admission committee of INSEAD, and is kind enough to have written a recommendation letter for me to the faculty I am applying for (not INSEAD) :

The interviewers might ask you these questions as follows ,so be prepared.
- Describe your work experience so far.
- Describe the situation(s) where you took leadership.
- Why do you apply for our program?
- How do you want to build your career after graduation?

They will carefully assess whether you will make a member of prominent alumni, so it's quite important to make an impression on them that you are a confident and rational, good communicator and team player.

These are very informative. Thanks, pal!

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